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Here are a few sample pay stubs that we offer. We handle all of the calculations, year-to-date and deductions for you. 

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Are you in Need of  Pay Stubs or Employment Verification???


We are a professional accounting and payroll service company that offers this much needed service to thousands in need of employment and income verification.  Our services are for small business owners, hard working entrepreneurs, etc. that have problems proving their income.  The services that we offer are extremely hard to find (for good quality and someone who's legitimate).  For years now, we have been helping people who are in need of Homes, Cars, and Personal Loans get approved through our employment verification services.  Our Documents are High-Quality and Everyone Loves Our Work... We are the Leaders in custom documentation for an affordable price! After we send you your pay stubs you can immediately print them out on regular paper and from any printer. We send them in a very unique format that makes it easy to be printed immediately. If you prefer to have the original stubs on actual check paper we can ship them to you for a charge of $30.00 for RUSH shipping.  




Order (2) Pay Stubs for $65.00

Order (3) Pay Stubs for $95


Order (4) Pay Stubs for $125.00

Order Phone Employment Verification $60.00

Express Shipping & Real Stub Paper $30 Additional

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